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Hi everyone, my name is Nimi Patel and I go to Beckman High School! As President and an aspiring medical professional, my drive behind creating Sparkling Hearts Foundation was definitely my passion for the medical field and my lifelong goal of assisting my community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was not able to volunteer at the St. Josephs Hospital in Orange which I was really looking forward to, and that made me instantly think about the patients. How are they navigating this sense of isolation with limited visitors and restrictions? Sparkling Hearts Foundation was not just an initiative I took to help patients during the pandemic, but also is intended to enhance the well-being of all patients in their journeys to recovery.

Vice President of Marketing

Hi! My name is Carissa Osterhoudt and I am the Vice President of Marketing of Sparkling Hearts Foundation! I currently attend Beckman High School, and I am super happy to be part of this organization! I’m looking forward to seeing our organization grow, as we collaborate as a team and put all our effort into helping out the patients in hospitals. A fun fact about myself is that I really enjoy graphic design and I have recently got more into baking over quarantine.

Vice President of Operations

Hi, I’m Vivian Vu and currently the Vice President of Operations for SHF! Each of the co-founders has helped share the goal of giving our love and compassion towards others through our nonprofit organization. I love the teamwork and dedication that everyone here has towards our mission - improving the well-being of the patients! In my free time, I enjoy journaling.

Project Managers

Hey, everyone! I’m Natalie Ngo and I’m a junior at Beckman High School. Right from the start, I fell in love with Sparkling Hearts Foundation’s mission. As an aspiring medical doctor, I find it so awesome how Sparkling Hearts is an outlet for my passions for both medicine and community service/patient hospitality. Outside of SHF, I love to bake, ski, play lacrosse, and make fun of netflix original rom coms! Looking forward to being a part of this great family!

Hi everyone! I’m Jacey Hwang, a junior at Beckman Highschool. As a project manager for the Sparking Hearts Foundation, I am really excited to get to work with the people in our community. I was interested in Sparkling Hearts because I want to go into the medical field in the future, and this was a great way to start to help patients now. The Sparkling Hearts mission is something I became very interested in and I hope that you will also take interest in our mission. Some things I enjoy are taking evening walks with my dog and watching sunsets. I hope that we have a great year and I’m looking forward to being part of this new family!

Hi! I’m Bella Kim, and I’m currently a senior at Beckman High School. As one of the project managers of Sparkling Hearts Foundation, I look forward to working with different hospitals and giving out to our community! Working together with other members, I hope to create a positive impact on others. A fun fact about me is that I love milk tea and watching sunsets at the beach!

Communication Managers

Hi, my name is Iris & I'm a senior at Beckman High School! I really enjoyed supporting Sparkling Hearts’ mission last year, & I'm super excited to continue doing so this year. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, listening to music, taking photos, crocheting, reading, making gifts, & writing letters. I also love acai bowls, logic games, & pretty sunsets! I'm looking forward to the growth of SHF & an amazing year!

Hi! My name is Sarah Shelly and I am a senior at Woodbridge High School! I chose to take part in Sparkling Hearts as I truly believe in the organization’s mission. Over the past year, I have seen how SHF has made an impact on patient’s lives all over the globe. Through fundraisers, gifts, and love, Sparkling Hearts has brought joy for countless patients. I chose to apply for the SHF board as I firmly believe in its mission and goals and want to make a positive difference in my community. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, dancing, cooking, and playing volleyball. My favorite place to go to is the beach!

Instagram Managers

Hi! I’m Vickie Vu and I am a sophomore at Beckman High School. As an Instagram Manager for Sparkling Hearts Foundation, I find that our nonprofit is a great way for me to release my creative outlet. Not only that, Sparkling Hearts Foundation’s mission in helping out patients is something I believe in. In my free time, I find myself baking a lot for my friends and family. I also enjoy sewing.

Hello! I am Mahi Thakkar, a junior at Woodbridge High School. These days, I am active on Instagram, and joining SHF as one of the Instagram Managers will help me spread our mission around to help patients (A good use of my time on Instagram). I joined SHF because of my passions for medicine and desire to serve in this field in the future. Besides this, in my free time I like to draw and paint.

Website Designer

Hello! My name is Maya, and I am a student at Beckman High School. I reapplied for the SHF board because I support its mission of promoting hospital patients’ well being during their recovery. Some of my hobbies include drawing/painting, playing the piano, and playing board games! I look forward to another year of being a part of Sparkling Hearts Foundation! シ

TikTok Manager

Hello, my name is Gia Patel and I go to Beckman High school. I am so glad to be on the board of Sparkling Hearts Foundation as it is something that I did and always will enjoy participating in. At school, I am on the Beckman Varsity tennis team which is something that I worked extremely hard on and am super proud of. Outside of school, I perform an Indian classical dance called Bharatnatyam. I love to spend my free time watching a lot of Netflix, eating dinners with my cousins, and spending my time with family and friends.

Advertising Team Manager

Hello, my name is Karla Shimono and I go to Irvine High School!! As someone that constantly strives to give back to their community, Sparkling Hearts Foundation seemed like the ideal organization to take part in. I wanted the opportunity to be a part of an organization that has an impact in regards to the medical field. Due to the ongoing pandemic around the world, many hospitals limited their visitation to only a few very close family members. I wanted to help improve the wellbeing of those patients by providing them small items that can bring them joy. In addition to my part in SHF, I enjoy many physical activities including basketball and swimming.

Administrative Manager

Hi! My name is Wilson Chau and I’m a Junior at Beckman High School! I joined Sparkling Hearts Foundation because I believe in helping as many people as I can, and I wanted to give back to my community. My hobbies include camping, wrestling, kayaking, hiking, boxing, and Scouting. Unlike most of the other board members I don't plan on going into the medical field, I actually plan on joining the Navy as an intelligence officer. I enjoy the outdoors and am an active Boy Scout!

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