Past Events

Sparkling Hearts Foundation is dedicated to supporting patients' well-being through events,
fundraisers, and donations that you can take part in!

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Summer Activity Kit Event

We were able to make 50 summer-themed activity kits to donate to the pediatric patients at a UCI clinic in Santa Ana!

Handel's Ice Cream Fundraiser

Thank you for attending our Handel's Ice Cream Fundraiser! The funds made from this fundraiser will go towards activity kit supplies!

Spring Activity Kit Event

Thank you for attending our Spring Activity Kit Event! All the kits made will be donated to a UCI Clinic in Santa Ana!

Chipotle Food Fundraiser

Thank you so much to everyone that participated in our Chipotle fundraiser! We greatly appreciate the support, and we were able to raise $223.21 dollars!

February Activity Kits for Patients

50 February kits were made that will be donated to the pediatric patients at UCI Health!

Holiday Themed Activity Kits for Patients

Thank you so much for coming to our Holiday Activity Kit event! 50 kits were made that will be donated to the pediatric patients at UCI Health!

Thanksgiving Themed Activity Kits for Patients

Thank you so much for coming to our Thanksgiving Activity Kit event! 50 kits were made that will be donated to the pediatric patients at UCI Health!

Halloween Themed Activity Kits for Patients

Thank you so much for coming to our Halloween Activity Kit event! 40 kits were made that will be donated to the pediatric patients at UCI Health!

Gong Cha Fundraiser

Thank you so much for coming to our Gong Cha Fundraiser and for supporting SHF! Thanks to your participation, we are able to fund our upcoming Halloween-themed activity kits to donate to pediatric patients in hospitals.

Summer Themed Activity Kits for Patients

50 activity kits were made and will be donated to UCI Health! Keep following us for more information about similar events coming soon.

Spring Themed Activity Kits for Patients

We made 48 spring themed kits for UCI Health's pediatric patients! Thank you to our volunteers and to those who donated and made this event possible! 

Panda Express Fundraiser

Thank you for coming to our Panda Express fundraiser on February 6th! Your participation allowed us to raise a total of $40.68, which will be used to further our mission.

Ornament Kits for Patients

With the help of volunteers, we made 50 ornament-making kits for patients at the UCI Medical Center! Kits included a warm message, markers, and wooden ornaments for the patients to enjoy.

Cards for Healthcare Workers

Volunteers created a total of 66 thank you cards for UCI Medical Center healthcare workers! Thank you to all of our volunteers and thank you to all the healthcare workers who continue to keep communities healthy!

Halloween Activity Kits

We created 48 Halloween-themed activity kits that will be donated to UC Irvine Medical Center pediatric patients. Thank you to those who have supported SHF and made this donation possible!

Team Papaya Power x SHF Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

After selling 77 dozens of glazed doughnuts, 18 dozens of chocolate doughnuts, and 4 BOGO cards, a total of $1,000 was raised towards Lupus Foundation of America. Thank you to Team Papaya Power and everyone who purchased doughnuts!

Corner Bakery Fundraiser

Thank you to Corner Bakery and everyone who came to support Sparkling Hearts Foundation on 7/24! In total, $59.59 was raised to support SHF's mission.

Awareness for Alzheimer's

Thank you to to those who attended our virtual Awareness for Alzheimer's event! Congratulations to the winner of the $5 Amazon gift card! To stay informed about future SHF events, follow our Instagram.

COVID-19 Aid to India

Sparkling Hearts Foundation raised $162.33 for KVN Foundation, an organization that is helping India through the COVID-19 crisis by providing oxygen concentrators for patients. Thank you to everyone who donated!

Guide Dogs of America Event

Thanks to the participants and guests speakers, our Guide Dogs of America event was a success! Guest speakers from Guide Dogs of America spoke about the importance of guide dogs and participants were able to learn and earn an hour of service! Sparkling Hearts Foundation will be donating $100 to Guide Dogs of America.

To learn about how you can contribute to Guide Dogs of America's mission, visit their website here.

All Over the World Project

Thank you for donating to our All Over the World Project. Thanks to your generous support, SHF and Medicine Encompassed donated $400 to fund life-saving surgeries for two patients in Pakistan.

Valentines From SHF

By making digital cards for Valentines from SHF, volunteers could send personalized messages to UCI Medical Center patients! Collectively, participants made 175 cards for hospital patients. Check out some of the amazing cards that were made below!

Friendship February

At Friendship February, participants learned more about SHF and its mission through a fun Kahoot! Congratulations to the winner of the Kahoot, who won a $5 Amazon gift card! Thank you to everyone who attended Friendship February and made it a success.

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Game Night for Make-A-Wish

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual Game Night for Make-A-Wish! SHF hosted various games and a raffle, and participants earned 1 volunteer hour! A total of $23 was raised, and SHF will be adding $77 to make the total donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation $100!

To learn more about Make-A-Wish Foundation, click here. To stay updated about our future events, be sure to follow our Instagram!

CHOC Orange Toy Donation

Check out which toys we donated to CHOC Orange this holiday season! Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to purchase these items off of CHOC Orange's Amazon Wish List.

Cards for Healthcare Workers

Happy Thanksgiving from SHF! Our first volunteering event was so fun, and we enjoyed getting to see everybody through Zoom. Thank you to everyone who was able to participate. Together, we made 161 cards for the healthcare workers at UCI! To stay informed about future volunteer opportunities like this, follow our Instagram and Facebook! 

Check out some of the cards our volunteers made! Click on the images to enlarge.

Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans Day, we wanted thank and help the veterans who have contributed so much to our country. We donated four $25 gift cards to the Veterans Affairs Long Beach Healthcare System, so they can purchase the necessary items. Many veterans suffer from physical and mental traumas, and VA hospitals are always accepting donations. To learn more about ways to volunteer or donate to the VA Long Beach Healthcare System, click here. Thank you everyone for your generous donations that helped us make this possible!

Chipotle Fundraiser

Our fundraiser at Chipotle was a success! Thank you to everyone who attended! We raised $115.24, which we will use to donate various items to hospitals this holiday season.

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